Sunday, November 16, 2008

yo! ♥

omg, i am like gonna, be praying the day olivia leaves.
hopefully she'll go to the other school!
god i hope! she'll be gone for at least six months.
hopefully SHE doesn't visit, huh?
what would you think about that?
anyways, i watched gandhi today, and it was really long, but it was good, too.
i liked it, even though gandhi died at the end. :[
anywho, all in all, it was great. :]
never knew gandhi went through soooo much.
great experience.
anywho, i'm doing a set spree on polyvore, and that's kinda fun.
i guess.
even thought nobody likes my sets. [on my nick j account]
i've got 2 set requests on hdq, so i'll be going on there in a few.
if you check out my nick j account, you'll find a delightful video,
but i'll just put up the link right now, so you can go right away.
♥ great right?
i know, i love it too.
anyways... i'm kinda bored right now.
do you think i should add a weekly poll to my page?
and then...
idk, but it would be kinda stupid to put up a poll on weather i should make a poll or not. *rolls eyes and looks at my fluttering hands on the keyboard.*
oh yeah, guess what i watched last night??
ohh yeah, baby! awsome.
good movie.

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