Wednesday, December 24, 2008


hey guys, i just wanted to let you know, MERRY CHRiSTMAS!
i WiLL be on tomorrow, [probably only like for a few minutes tho] and i'll try and get the mcfly story out by friday. (the new chapter... hehehe)
anyways, i am just gonna sit here and ramble on about breaking dawn, so if you don't wanna know, then don't read.
YEESH! i can't believe steph is so DUMB! she ruined it. with the jacob point of view thingy. i got really mad // annoyed with the mind reading this after a while. gawd. and then the whole bella thing with the pregnancy and the annoying images that i keep thinking up... gawd.
kk, bye!

Monday, December 22, 2008

addingS0MEn e wS0NGS♥

hey guys, i'm trying out a new layout, whaddya think?
anways, i've been meaning to add some new fall out boy songs, and i think i'll add some beyonce ones too. but if you have a request, i'd be happy to make it. and i'm letting people borrow my cds, so if you want to borrow fob to download or whatev, lmk.
girlies! you haven't been reading! even taylor reads my blog! you guys are just being plain mean. haha, jk. i'm just lonely it feels like i'm talking to myself.
the song; i hate this part by the pussycat dolls is like me& nick's theme song. i know, lame-o right? but it's true. you would know what i mean if you were me.
i'm so bored. i know you're bored with me.
i should leave.
but first, i'll mention that i am reading breaking dawn, and my dad says i shouldn't be, if you know what i mean.
cool image from the 'how i met your mother' cast. they're supposed to be the jonas brothers. yes, all five of the main characters are in the pic. it's above.
but yeah, that's about it.
also, the feather thingy confuzzled me. i don get it. ISABELLE! EXPLAIN ON PMAIL!
luv you chicas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


i think you guys know that on friday i went to sleepover at my uncle's and we went across the street to see puppies! [we also went to a sushi bar ad stuffed ourselves, but the puppies are much cuter.]


Friday, December 19, 2008

snow day ♥

snow day, snow day, i hope we have a snow day... oh wait! we do!
haha, silly me! omg, this is sooooooo cool!
i've NEVER EVER EVER had a snow day in my life!!
really cool. so anyways, i'm at home right now sitting in my twilight shirt and leggings...
so today was akward, kinda/sorta. my dad woke me and vans up, and we didn't believe that there was a snow day. he was like, "uh... yeah! look," he points to his watch. "it's 7:36!" so then we had to believe him.
but he went to his work's holiday party today so he's not home which i guess is a good thing because andy came over and something happened. {not like that...}
but first i'll tell you what we did to lead up to that.
okay, so we got up and had pancakes, and then we put on clothes and went outside. poor andy was outside starting to shovel the snow by himself. haha!
anyways, we walked over to there house and he said we could help, {yah, he gave us permission, *rolls eyes*} and i got our shovel and she got their extra shovel. i did my section in about 5 minutes when mr and mrs slowpokes were still working on theirs. well, that's because vanessa was telling andy about the percy jackson thingy. but anyways, we finished and went over to our house. we played pajama sam for a little bit, and had some soda and popcorn. then vanessa and andy were playing with the ball that was downstairs and i was commenting on their game with the microphone. then, andy hit the ball over by the table, where my mom apperantly had some wine in gift bags, and a bottle crashed to the ground. oops! :o but yeah. my mom was pissed. big time. not at andy though. we didn't say it was anybody's fault. so he went home because his dad said they were gonna go to the petstore, {he's getting a lizard soon} and we had some lunch. and now i'm on the computer.
that was a long story. *wrings hands.* i think i'll write some more on my spies story. and then some later on my mcfly story. {hey isabelle, you now that you and harry have the same bdays?}

Sunday, December 14, 2008

my twilight character

not much is up peeps.
i'll see ya later.

Friday, December 12, 2008

over at kt's :}

lalala kathryn is feeding the cats and i'm on her laptop.
we're gunna go to the church and work on our p.a. project in a few minutes.
SHE SAYS::: hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mkay, bye!! [sorry so short]
US!!! [minniemoose and blackbird]

Thursday, December 11, 2008

don't worry, be happy [kinda]

yeesh my throat hurts! oww!
my mom is at borders, so it's just me and the doggies :}
anywho, i just wanted to say that i will be at school tomorrow,
and i luv youus! do you think i should make a polyvore club on stardoll?
i really don't want to drop the website cuz i heart it!
what do you think?
p.s. call me if you really want to later, and i'm gonna go watch t.v!
p.p.s. zoe said that we're too young to be saying swear words and stuff,
and watching wierd mcfly vids i'm like, WTF? that must be why she don't like me anymore.
ive been replaced. :{ tell me what you thinks down in the comment box.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


omg guys! hiya!
i tried to make a vlog last nite but it didn't upload. :{
but on the brighter side, i got all A's and one B on my midterm grade. [and no, i don't only get four grades. (see below)
okay. isabelle & katy. do u think i should make the characters in my mcfly story from different points of view? okay, that's confusing, vanz will ask u tonite :D

Saturday, December 6, 2008

hey guys... oops!

sorry i haven't posted in a while, i've been really busy.
sheesh, i wonder what it's gunna be like when we go to high school?
anyways, i'm just gonna update on what happened this week, and then i'll probably post tomorrow and stuff too.
okay, so somebody broke into our school over break, but it's okay cause they know who it was and got the stuff back.
also, the play was awesome! we DID nail it.
it was fun and i'm sad it's over, but we stil have next year and also the musical if it happens.
the perfect twins came, and they were all like, "i know i wasn't fun without us."
lol, they're funny. we told them how ms. habes was, even thought they didn't really care.
OMG i should have told them that she was preggy! omg, then they would have been freaked.
lol. anywho, lauren h and mary h were there too, and they look the same, but it was nice to see them. :>
anyways, the rest of the week mostly sucked, up until vanessa had to tell me that wretched thing, which made the week even more suckier. :<
but anyways, we went to the barnes and noble band thingy yesterday and most of the teachers from the elementary school were there. that was fun.
i got the second posuer book, and andy's dad was all like, "that's your autobiography isn't it?" it was wierd, but funny. andy and me were in the starbucks line with dd, and andy picked up a rachel ray cookbook and he's like, "omg, we should ge this for nick!" we cracked up, and we told his mom to make him get a "trim" so, fingers crossed!
i'm gonna go write a chapter for all ya'lls who want one.
luv you!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


the play is today and i'm kinda excited.
i nailed the first perfromance and it was awsome.
only, at one part, megan k swore. ??
anyways, it was fun. i'm going to be on more scince the play ended.