Thursday, February 26, 2009

BLAH! scared you! :D

scince it was so rainy today i made a set for summer to remind me what's coming. :] i CANN0T wait for the jb movie. kathryn's not going with us, though, she has to go to church [her mom's forcing her to go... :-\] but we should still have fun. i can't wait! we're so excited cuz the day we're going they are coming! :D i can't wait!!! okay enough about that; andy is just so cute. (my bffl/bf.) he's just so sweet. :} during gym he kept giving me high fives, and he's emailing me right now. :) i'm ... really happy right now and hungry for pizza! lol, bye guys!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


oh-kay so; ♥ today was pretty much boring, i went to school (kathryn let me borrow her straightener, yayy!) and all that crapp. but yeah, right now me and iss we looking up jb movie times, we found one, and we might meet them! eek! *happy dance.* but yeah. my books are coming along guh-reat. if you want to read them, message me, i might just make a ... set. ;] alrighty then, i'm gonna go and make some mosaics, but i also have to make an advice set!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

blagh ♥

sorry i haven't been on in so long.
not that anyone reads this anyways.
gosh i'm so mad. all of my friends who have joined polyvore wayyy after e get more faves then me, and i joined before them. they are ever wayy more popular too! right now i have 3357. here are some examples:
kathryn - 8444
rena - 5621
i am soooo mad. and this is soo unfair. whatever. i don't even care about faves anymore.

but anyways. i got the fame cd from diamanda, and i've been listening to it. i love it soooo much. but not as much as i love ftsk! ;]

i g2g... mom won't get off the phone. :(

-veronicaa ♥

Sunday, February 15, 2009


haha, i just finished 'P.S. i loathe you.' it was SUPER GOOD!!! yayy!!
alrighty, more icons a-comin!

icon i made for belle;

Saturday, February 14, 2009


sorry i haven't been on in 4ev... here's a vid, and i'll post more after that loads. :D i have kewl new icons too!

Monday, February 9, 2009

GRRR... GRR... GRRR!!!!

augh, i'm tired, mad, and happy at the same time. two word and a colen:
status: taken! i know, i know, andy asked me out. (my crush for a few months.) the problem is, he's my bff and i'm scared. i know, i should want this. but whatevs. i'm not gonna stress about it and be myself.
i'm watching mcfly sing ghostbusters at wembley. it's cute! i love them!
my new obsession: forever the sickest kids

song: hey brittnay- ftsk
mood: funn cuzz i'm now watching mcfly sped up. teehee
my breath still smells like onions from the gigantic burger i had a rascals for kathryn's birthday. it was really fun, i took pics and i'll post them later.
alright, leaving now, i'm bored with this writing stuff. my fingers are so stiff. :{{

Sunday, February 1, 2009

don't talk to me .

god i'm pissed. my family wont talk to me, all of my friends are acting wierd, [saying "blows out 13 candles on whatever", and some of my friends are really concieted, like everyone else i know] i'm just not in a good mood right now and my fam is coming over for the superbowl. it's really sad. and i won't be on tomorrow morning very early either.
mood: pisssed / mad / sad / wierded out
song of the feeling: don't wake me up - mcfly
the only thing i wanna do right now is sleep, and i don't think i can.
not even gonna sign it.