Friday, October 23, 2009

at school!

please ignore the last slide. it was kinda just-done. we're making magazines in school, and i had to upload a picture so i could get tit from my home computer. whats up?

glee. hm. what's going on? well, puck is mega-hotness, and my friend and i were just fighting over which nerd he would like. haha. were only 12&13. (i'm 13.) lol. yeah, and i'm starting to have a HUGE soft side for qwin, and i think she's awesome. yeah, and i love kurt. idk why everybody thinks finn is cute though, he's but ugly. (: yes he is! comment with your opinions.

so yupp. kati and ronni hasn't been as big of a thing as we would have liked, but i don't think we're going to keep our youtubes. i think we're doing the blogger thing. like, we're going to do the video on our posts.

it feels like forever. i'm in creative writing right now listening to justin timberlake. (: haha it's 1:00 exactly. make a wish! ahh ily guys. (:


p.s. some big polyvore news soon! watch out!