Sunday, November 30, 2008

chapter two: the water, the phone, the tour bus, and me

if you wanna read more go on my polvore! [i'm only gonna post this much more on my blog if that's okay with you.]
i woke up. only i didn't have my eyes open yet. i thought i was just dreaming that until i heard some voices.
"let's poor some water on her!" it was an excited voice, very excited. it had a british accent. i stiffened. i heard some fumbling noises.
"no, let's not dougie." i could recognise that also british voice anywhere, just like his drums. "just leave her. she'll wake up." he sounded strange...
"doug..." danny's voice was stern. like he was mad. i was about to get up when i heard another voice.
"if she doesn't wake up by 2:30, we'll call the hospital." for the oldest, he was of course, the one who acted like the youngest. well, second youngest.
"owch!" i heard a thumping noise, and then water was on my face. i shot up, and dougie lee poynter was almost on top of me with a water bottle in his hand.
danny stood up, he was sitting in a chair near my [well one of their] hotel beds. he pushed dougie off of me and smiled that said, sorry, he's a bit of a handful. water was on the pillow now. i glanced at the clock on the bedside table. 1:45? wow, i'd been asleep for long. when i went up on stage it was, what, 12:30? my iphone was ringing and tom handed it to me.
it was kathryn. oh no.
"hello?" i mouthed dougie, get me a towel, NOW! how could i be so calm? i didn't feel calm. i felt nervous, crazy, hectic, yet my body wouldn't do anything but sit there, my torso wet, and hold the phone. dougie ran into a room that was supposedly the bathroom. he came out with a towel. and handed it to me. i mouthed 'thanks' and started to dry off my face. the towel was soft warm. i didn't know why, but kathryn sounded worried. probably because of the time, i thought.
"veronica?" i heard some people in the backround talking.
"no it's isabelle, my phone died."
oh, so when they were talking to danny the line didn't drop, she ran out of batteries. oh, god, my phone was almost out of batteries also. i hoped it wouldn't go out before i finished the conversation.
"where are you? we've been so worried, i mean, you're gone and stuff..."
"stop talking like that again. i'm fine... i'm... i'm... i'll explain in a sec. i'll come over to the hotel to see you." i had to be dreaming. this couldn't be real. tom, danny, harry, and dougie, were staring at me. "i'll be right over, and i'll explain there."
"you should have a good one." she hung up.
i looked at each one of there faces, mine felt expressionless. i didn't feel expressionless though.
"is this real?" i stood up from the bed and pressed end on my phone.
harry laughed. "uh, yeah, it's real."
"i have to get to my hotel." i found my tote bag on a bedside table and slipped my phone inside. i didn't have a coat scince it was may, and i didn't think i needed one. but now, i was freezing. "uhm," i felt silly asking mcfly for clothes. " can i borrow some, uh, clothes? just a shirt, maybe?" i realized i was shivering and wrapped the towel around me. "dougie, that water was cold!"
dougie and Tom laughed, and I pulled the towel tighter around me. I let out a nervous chuckle.
"clothes?" harry asked danny, tapping him lightly on the arm.
"sure, let me go get a shirt."
"i'll call a cab," tom said and disappeared into another room. danny walked into the same room behind tom. i could see a suitcase from the door.
"so, you're the winner, eh?" dougie stood by the bed where i was laying, and dabbed it with another towel.
"uh, yeah i guess. this isn't a good way to be meeting me though." i smilied wryly, and looked around the room. there were four twin size beds, and the walls were beige. i could hear a tv in the room the danny and tom went into, and i sighed.
"kind of a bland hotel room, i know." harry glanced at my tote bag. "so, where are you staying?"
"at the marriot, it was next to the showroom building you were staging your meet and greet." he noded, and went into the tv room, where tom was, to tell him.
danny came in the room with a smile on his face, and plaid button down in his hands. i smiled at the sight of him. he was holding the shirt by the shoulders so i could see. "this okay?"
"sure." i took it from him gently, and walked carefully towards the bathroom, trying not to make more of a fool of myself then i already had.
i closed the door to the messy bathroom, and and all i coud think was, i'm going on tour with mcfly! i pulled off my sweater, and unbuttoned the shirt. i slipped it on, and looked at myself in the mirror. i could just wear my white tank top under this shrit right? it would look okay. i raked my hair with my fingers, then gave up. i guess it looked okay.
i squealed, smiled at myself, and then went into the other room to go back to mcfly.

Friday, November 28, 2008

lol, mcfly!

okay, i have to start this one off with a pink paragraph[s] story. [inspired by my dream from last night.]
i was on vacation in new york with my twin, vanessa, isabelle, and kathryn. i was next door to our hotel, so i didn't have to walk that far. we had to go to new york because mcfly was going to do a meet and greet there. i knew i could go to a meet&greet at one of their concert, but oh well. the one ticket email was sent to me, and i knew i was going to meet danny jones.
i also knew the announcement was sent to TONS of people. but it didn't look like that much from the ouside of the building i just entered. i went up to the front dest where a woman was sitting. she was staring at a computer, chewing gum, and i didn't want to disturb her.
all she said was, "may i see your ticket please?" i showed it to her and she looked back to the computer and pointed at a door with a "mcfly" sign on it. i squealed, and she rolled her eyes like she was sick of that.
i jogged up to the door, and opened it. there was a long line, and i thought i could see a table. on either side of the table were body guards. ohmygod, i thought.

i stood in the line, and after playing a few games on my cell phone- oh. i haven't introduced myself. i'm veronica kellers, and i'm 20.
i have a twin sister, and as you know, we're on a vacation to new york with some of my friends. so, back to the story. i go to north western college with isabelle and kathryn, and we just finished. we each started early in our senior year.
my cell phone rang, and i answered it. "do ya" was my ringtone.
"hello?" i always ask that question in a who could be calling way.
"hey verz, it's isabelle. did you meet them yet? are you talking to them RIGHT NOW? can i talk?"
"no, iz, i'm still waiting."
"oh." i giggled. "well, leave me on speaker so i can talk to them when you DO meet them."
"it's just danny."
"oh." i giggled again. "well, do it anyways. danny's cool. not as cool as harry though."
i sighed. " you sure do love drummers."
"joe jonas isn't a drummer."
"well, still."
i put my phone in my wetseal tote bag, and just waited. the line was getting smaller in front of me, i could see the table more clearly now. after a few minutes i was next in line.
i fluffed my hair, and then the girl in front of me moved towards another door.
as soon as danny saw me, he smiled.
"well, hello. i'm danny jones. and you are?" it was the sexy smooth irish/british voice i loved.
"i'm veronica kellings, and i-" i stopped myself. i didn't want to seem like i was 11 again. it would be silly.
i breathed. nice going. now he's gonna think you're a stalker fan.
i heard my friends giggle, and danny laughed. "aw, i've been hearing girls say that all night! who's on your phone?"
"my friends, they wanted to talk to you."
"ah. well, lemme talk then." he smiled.
i heard a squeal i thought came from isabelle. i pulled out my phone and handed it to him.
i heard a gaggle of voices, a thud! and then the line dropped.
"hello? aw, the line dropped." he handed me back my iphone, and i put it ini my bag. i didn't think to bring anything for him to sign, the only thing i had to write with was a croyola marker-black.
i handed it to him. "this okay?" i smiled and blushed. on the outside i was cool and serene, [somewhat] but on the inside i was jumping up and down.
"sure." he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. my heart skipped a beat as he signed my cheek. then, he turned my face and kissed my other cheek. my heart skipped two beats.
when i pulled back, he whispered, "i hope you win."
"you'll see." girls behind be must have seen the exchange because they gasped and one of them said, "oh!"
i smiled, and he motioned for me to move into the next room.
i walked into an auditorium semi-big. so THiS was where the big prize was going to be announced.
i didn't know what it was, but i sat down and got out my compact mirror. i stared at the place where he signed my cheek and smiled. college was nothing compared to this.
of course, i was excited. maybe i'd win. but win what? this was just some stupid prize, probably RADIO:active deluxe which i already owned. UGH. i sighed. if only i had been recording when i'd met him. then i'd have something to show. i wouldn't win this contest anyways. with my luck, it would be the CD.
then, after staring and daydreaming (for about, i dunno, a half-an-hour? yeah, i'm a dutz. it a surprise i even passed college.) finally the auditorium got a little dimmer.

the girls who were sitting next to me must have been standing behind me in the line, because they were saying, "did you SEE the girl who he kissed? he didn't kiss me! no WONDER he broke up with olivia shaw, he's probably dating that girl."
the other one said, "yeah, no wonder."
they were both wearing, we love danny shirts that they made themselves, which was a clear sign they were jealous.
i smiled and said to them, "so, what do you think the prize is?" i put the compact in my tote before they could see it.
they looked at me and then, they were shocked. it looked like they'd seen a ghost.
i smiled and focoused my attention on the stage where mcfly's manager was standing with a sheet of paper.
he started speaking, [i couldn't remember his name- darnet!] "hello, i'm mcfly's manager, as you all know me, and i'm here to tell you who won the amazing prize of," a drumroll from behind the cutain. jitters in my stomach. i could recognise those drums ANYWHERE. mcfly was on the stage. "- one lucky girl and her friends going on tour in america with mcfly!" jitters from the audience. a couple girls screamed.
i wasn't one of them. i was to shell-shocked.
"the winner is... number 3658914!"
i looked at my ticket and saw that no one was getting up. i glanced at the numbers and- ohmygawd.
before i knew it i was running up the stairs, and mcfly's manager was shaking my hand. at least he was shaking it, he couldn'y realize i was shaking.
i told him my name, he announced it to the crowd, and the cutains opened.
"stay right here." the manager jogged off stage and mcfly was standing behind me.
the reason i knew was because i smelleda certain smell. then i heard the beginning of "do ya."
somebody hugged me, (that smell again) and then,
everything went black.
the last thing i thought was, i have to call the girls.
so do you like it? i do! omg, that took me forever. *sigh.* if only it could happen. the reason i made us so older was because i wouldn't want somebody ten years older kissing me. unless is was mcfly. i just thought in case, it would be safer to make us older.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


okay, so this was my thanksgiving in a song form.
in case you cannot hear the words, here are the amazing lyrics.
i got my guitar, and i'm playing it too.
i'm singing and playing, all the night through.
lalalalalalalalalalalalalala, lalalalalalalalalalalalala.
okay so how was your thanksgiving?
yummy food? to-furky? or not? ;]
anywho, do you like my song? it's awsome i know.
i'm sooooooooo hyper. hehehehehehehehehehehe!!! ;]
*plays 'twinkle twinkle' on guitar.*
um, like blake cam! HB+TC=4EVAH
ant is so good! watch the last one! surprisingly, he's the drummer.
he's so cool! of course, he's vanessa's fave. look at his hair.
a mcfly video
another mcfly video
OMG! another!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

okay, NOW i can just write [look below] ♥

okay, now i can just do another pink paragraph. {~= new topic in pink paragraph}
my font`s gonna stay this way unless i have an important announcement.
it`s just easier for me to be like this.
vanessa`s still watching spongebob christmas special. [unless i didn't mention that before.] it`s the one where sandy`s hibernating. although i don't think that`s very christmas-ey. maybe there`s a spongebob thanksgiving special. i deathly hope not. it`d ber very strange... *shakes thought from head.* ~anywho, sorry for i certain outburst before, i was just pissed that nobody was on and kathryn couldn't tell me how to do it. but still, it`s not working, so i`ll have to wait even longer. [NOTE TO COMMENT ABOUT:WHEN DOES GAHNDI START/END? DID YOU HAVE FUN? WHAT DID YOU THINK ABOUT THE MOVIE?] ~i went to macy*s yesterday and although i did not get anything [clothes, but i did get bath bombs and candy, and i finished my christmas shopping.] it was fun. i did find out a certain fact, that macy*s does have the best hot cocoa in the world. no, the ENTIRE universe. sooooo good. anyways, it was fun, although it was a little hard to eat, my teath are already moving. i got some macy`s pins for you guys too. i hope you like them. and does kathryn or isabelle like ed hardy? i have two extra ed hardy keychains that i don't need. [they were giving them out.] do you want? ~ my mom has to tighten my expander every week now, and it hurts/sucks. do you have to go through this stuff? i think NOT! blugherheim. i hate it. ~what are you guys doing/wearing for thanksgiving? what should i wear? casual/fancy? jeans/courduroys? [idc spelling.] ~kathryn, call me when you're done watching LONG movie. i want to know about saturday sunday as a date to have a band practice. ~okay, pink paragrah over now.

alrighty then, i think i'll just sit tight and go on a set spree on NiCKJ♥S.ME{[HDQ]}
luv ya!

omg, you guys!

oh yeah, that's right, they're all at kathryn's house watching gahndi.
i didn't really like that movie. so come home and tell me how to put my polyvore set on my page!
and if you say to copy the code, i'll punch ya', cause it ain't working for meh.
now get your bleepin bleep home!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

lalala, hsm3&twilight

omg, twilight was so good!
i liked edward so much in it, that i cried.
i know, so lame.
anyways, hsm 3 was good too. the best one!
that's why i didn't update in a while. been busy.
so anyways... i'm bored right now, but i'm
waiting for KATHRYN TO CALL ME!
polyvre is being really stupid,
now i can only go on it on safari, and it's really annoying
when you have two internet tabs open.
but not when you're clipping stuff.
oh yeah, i also finished new moon, and i'm onto
eclipse. new moon was wierd.
but i still can't wait for the movie.
also, go to this site:

i saw a movie poster at the theater when i went to see twilight.
it's pretty cool; i wanna see it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

how do think he does it?
i don't know!
what makes him so good?
i love that song! "pinball wizard" by the who,
and mcfly covered it.
[so of course that's how i found it.]
check it out on my playlist. and also search it on youtube.
but search:: 'pinball wizard mcfly music video'
it's pretty funny.
okay. today at play practice mrs. habes-wojick [idk spelling]
said that if we finished early, we could have a pizza party.
so i'm hoping we do. even though i won't be able to eat any pizza.
[i'm going to golden wok with aunt pj's after. then we're
going to see hsm 3!!! i'm so excited. everybody says it's the best.]
damn all expanders to the depths of the earths.
so yeah, it hurts my toungey!
oh, also at play practice, paul tried to kill me again.
ugh. i hate him. he also tried to kill himself.
anywho, i'll go.
p.s. i'm adding some new songs to my list. hope you like them!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LOL, blah ♥♥

okay so today at play practice,
1.] paul had a steak and was trying to stab me - i`m a vampire
2.] jake had his gun and he was like, "you shoot it at the deer, then it bounces off of them, and they're like, 'AH' and then they run away."
3.] nick was like, "veronica you look totes sexy in that dress," in his girly voice
4.] mrs. habes was all like, "NOBODY iS HERE! AHHH!"
5.] and marco took off his shirt.
so i think it was a pretty eventful play practice. i got all of my lines right, so i'm pretty sure i won't mess up.
anyways, today at school it was soooooo boring.
in reading and language we did MORE research about our topics, then I had to work with ZACH G! ew, ew, ew!
the only upside was that we had no math homework. or soc, but i mean, we NEVER have social studies homework.

okay, i think i'll leave now.
-veronica the harmonicanian, shug.

p.s. here's a quiz that kathryn took.
miley, taylor, hayley, jess OR lisa, or selena?
Taylor Swift-
[♥] your favorite color is white [one of them]
[] you own boots above your ankles
[] you have brown hair but dye it blonde
[] you have blue eyes
[] you like country music
[♥] you have curly hair
total =2
Miley Cyrus-
[♥] you have brown hair
[♥] you have brown eyes
[] you like pop music
[] you like a boy older than you
[♥] you love designer clothes
[] you watch Hannah Montana
[♥] your favorite color is pink [one of them]
[♥] you like cheerleading
[♥] you have long straightish wavy hair
total = 5
The Veronicas (Jess & Lisa)-
[] you have black hair
[♥] your favorite color is black [one of them]
[♥] you have dark eyes
[♥] you like leather boots
[♥] you like red lipstick
[] you have blunt bangs
[♥] you have a twin
[♥] you like rock music
[♥] you like clothes that stand out
Paramore (Hayley)-
[] you have/had your hair dyed
[♥] you have choppy hair [layered/choppy; i have some short clumps in the back.]
[♥] you love skinny jeans
[♥] you wear converse, flats or creepers.
[♥] you like topshop
[] you have green eyes
[] you like to change your hairstyle often
[♥] your favorite color is red [one of them]
total =5
Selena Gomez-
[] you have black hair
[] your hair is straight
[♥] your favorite color is blue [one of them]
[♥] you like bright colors
[♥] you own a peace sign scarf
[♥] you have a sidebang
[♥] you have red converse [black && red]
[♥] you are of mexican or italian decent
[♥] you find Nick Jonas very attractive
[♥] you like acting
[♥] you have a individual style all your own
[i am selena gomez! kinda surprising i wasn't the veronica's. ;]]

Sunday, November 16, 2008

yo! ♥

omg, i am like gonna, be praying the day olivia leaves.
hopefully she'll go to the other school!
god i hope! she'll be gone for at least six months.
hopefully SHE doesn't visit, huh?
what would you think about that?
anyways, i watched gandhi today, and it was really long, but it was good, too.
i liked it, even though gandhi died at the end. :[
anywho, all in all, it was great. :]
never knew gandhi went through soooo much.
great experience.
anywho, i'm doing a set spree on polyvore, and that's kinda fun.
i guess.
even thought nobody likes my sets. [on my nick j account]
i've got 2 set requests on hdq, so i'll be going on there in a few.
if you check out my nick j account, you'll find a delightful video,
but i'll just put up the link right now, so you can go right away.
♥ great right?
i know, i love it too.
anyways... i'm kinda bored right now.
do you think i should add a weekly poll to my page?
and then...
idk, but it would be kinda stupid to put up a poll on weather i should make a poll or not. *rolls eyes and looks at my fluttering hands on the keyboard.*
oh yeah, guess what i watched last night??
ohh yeah, baby! awsome.
good movie.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

owch headache.

i'm just gonna do a *pink paragraphs* for this blog, okay?
hey guys, i'm so frickin bored right now, it's sick. i know, i know, i'm writing to you, so it's not REALLY considered BORiNG. but it is.
anyways, i'll have to fill you in on what's happening. as i said earlier in the week, i look VERY ugly with braces. i'm so sad. but, they will look better as time goes by so...
my dad came across a band called tegan and sarah, and they're really good. check them out. idk which one's which, but my dad thinks they're not related. ?!?! that's bull. they are SO twins. ;] but yeah.
today i went to the german market thing for girl scouts, and it was actually pretty cool. i didn't get anything, but it was fun. i did convince my mom that i had bought her something though. tee hee. we had subway for lunch, [yum!] and i was hoping we'd have mcdonalds, but you know, too fattening. luckily though, vangie, and olivia weren't there. [i mean, i like vangie, but she and vanessa can get PRETTY annoying sometimes. about manga. but don't think vanessa wasn't annoying enough.] lauren didn't go, and i was sad about that, cuz lauren's my gs bud, and we party like rockstars. [and have rockin' parties together, katy.] they had really cool stuff there, and they even had sauerkraut. ew. let me just say that it tastes like the aftertaste of throw-up. blugh. blugh-udy-boo.
also, we have to memorize our lines by monday for the play which is pretty darn easy.
and: i have acomplaint. shouldn't charlotte be with the female hillbillies? she;s just as an important character then them. [no offense, but it's true.]
anywho, i think ill sign off.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

hey guys.. i have braces!

you guys know how rosario+vampire is sooo inappropriete?
well, the second season [capu 2] is sooooo much more.
[katy and iss, i'm taking vids for nick's pleasure. *rolls eyes.*
maybe that'll get him to shut up. ;]]
so anyways, i have BRACES now and i look like a freak.
maybe i'll look better when they get straighter.
they don't hurt though.
see ya,
[i'm not gunna rite much today.]

Monday, November 10, 2008

hey guys! [i'm so happy!]

hey guys.
first i'd like to start out with a little song.
i'm so happy,
oh happy go lucky me,
i just go my way,
living everyday.
okay, so a fragment of a song.
you know.
anywho, i've decided to write a song on here.
anybody vote yes? no?
anyways, i'd just like to say THANK YOU
for all the faves i've been getting on polyvore.
my twilight sets sure are popular!
i've got like three requests for more characters!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

bored topics

hey guys... ♥♥
it's me.
well, duh.
anyways, today i went to the mall and got a twilight tee. it's so totally awsome. my mom wouldn't buy anything else for me so she's just going to get it for me for christmas. :( but at least i'm getting some pink skinnies out of it! ;]
i can't wait until we get to go to macy*s over thanksgiving break. it's gonna be the bomb!
also, check out supermac's new vids. i'm sure i wouldn't be the first to tell you; he looks smokin' without his braces. ow! ;]
i can't find scilence is a scary sound anywhere! [by mcfly.] i'm sooooo pizzed! if anybody has a download link, please tell me!
just to make sure, both katy and isabelle are coming? my mom is gonna by the tics, like, tomorrow, so tell me.
btw, this week is going to be very suck-ish. on wednesday i'm getting my braces, and that's sucky!
also, i got a memory card for my camera, and i'll be making vlog or two soon.
LUV Y0U! [and thanks for all of the faves and blah on pv,]

Saturday, November 8, 2008

my friends blogs && more!

check out these blogs and follow them along with mine!
and also check out my polyvore page where i now have +700 FAVES!!
thanks so much if you faved!

anyways, i'm making a new playlist cuz the other one was messed up.
anywho, if you have a stardoll account please tell me and visit my page!
i'm HugeDramaQueen on it, and i just made a new mcfly club. so totally rockin!
lmao. ;]
i just wanted to say hey, and that i might have a vlog or two on here soon. kk?
luv you!

p.s. if you visit my stardoll page, read my presentation. should i change it? yes or no?

Friday, November 7, 2008

i'll post tomorrow, i promise!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

yo mama, obama!

i can't wait for him to be president!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

it's a sucky, sucky life

ello ya'll.
[actually no one, nobody is following me, and i doubt no one is reading my blog either.]
today is the election, but i feel sucky.
nobody likes my freaking sets!
on pv, nobody faves ANY of my sets. kathryn is always better than me at stuff.
why should i even try? nobody like my anyways. my sister thinks i'm fat,
all the boys at my school think i'm a lesbo JUST because i broke up with a guy over the summer,
my friends think i a loser, and even the wierdest girl in SCH00L thinks i'm a freak.
[even though, she knows she's a bigger freak then me.]
if a n y b o d y has a polyvore page, please consider going to this link, and faving my sets!
thanks so much to anyone who did.


Saturday, November 1, 2008


halloween was yesterday, and as we all know, it was da bomb.
i can't believe it's already over though. it feels like there has to be more than that.
anyway;; we had total fun at faux's house, [except for the part where she was being bitchy.]
and it was total awsomeness.
i'm pretty sure that that's all i have to say!
p.s. i was a bumble bee. you?