Tuesday, November 4, 2008

it's a sucky, sucky life

ello ya'll.
[actually no one, nobody is following me, and i doubt no one is reading my blog either.]
today is the election, but i feel sucky.
nobody likes my freaking sets!
on pv, nobody faves ANY of my sets. kathryn is always better than me at stuff.
why should i even try? nobody like my anyways. my sister thinks i'm fat,
all the boys at my school think i'm a lesbo JUST because i broke up with a guy over the summer,
my friends think i a loser, and even the wierdest girl in SCH00L thinks i'm a freak.
[even though, she knows she's a bigger freak then me.]
if a n y b o d y has a polyvore page, please consider going to this link, and faving my sets!
thanks so much to anyone who did.



iss said...

verz, ur awesome not a loser or a lesbo, those boys are mean to u because they like u, and ur sets are so cool!!!!

BLACKBiRD♥♥ said...

i'm here for you, girlie!!! it doesn't matter because anything stupid we push behind us because we are bffs 4-ev and that ain't evahh gonna change. {lesbo? what freak called Y0U a lesbo? it was kevin, right?}