Monday, November 10, 2008

hey guys! [i'm so happy!]

hey guys.
first i'd like to start out with a little song.
i'm so happy,
oh happy go lucky me,
i just go my way,
living everyday.
okay, so a fragment of a song.
you know.
anywho, i've decided to write a song on here.
anybody vote yes? no?
anyways, i'd just like to say THANK YOU
for all the faves i've been getting on polyvore.
my twilight sets sure are popular!
i've got like three requests for more characters!


BLACKBiRD♥♥ said...

congrats, girlie!!!
ps: i need help with my playlist!!! it's being stupid!!!

iss said...

Hey! You should write a song on here, and i ♥ ur new twlight charector sets!