Sunday, November 30, 2008

chapter two: the water, the phone, the tour bus, and me

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i woke up. only i didn't have my eyes open yet. i thought i was just dreaming that until i heard some voices.
"let's poor some water on her!" it was an excited voice, very excited. it had a british accent. i stiffened. i heard some fumbling noises.
"no, let's not dougie." i could recognise that also british voice anywhere, just like his drums. "just leave her. she'll wake up." he sounded strange...
"doug..." danny's voice was stern. like he was mad. i was about to get up when i heard another voice.
"if she doesn't wake up by 2:30, we'll call the hospital." for the oldest, he was of course, the one who acted like the youngest. well, second youngest.
"owch!" i heard a thumping noise, and then water was on my face. i shot up, and dougie lee poynter was almost on top of me with a water bottle in his hand.
danny stood up, he was sitting in a chair near my [well one of their] hotel beds. he pushed dougie off of me and smiled that said, sorry, he's a bit of a handful. water was on the pillow now. i glanced at the clock on the bedside table. 1:45? wow, i'd been asleep for long. when i went up on stage it was, what, 12:30? my iphone was ringing and tom handed it to me.
it was kathryn. oh no.
"hello?" i mouthed dougie, get me a towel, NOW! how could i be so calm? i didn't feel calm. i felt nervous, crazy, hectic, yet my body wouldn't do anything but sit there, my torso wet, and hold the phone. dougie ran into a room that was supposedly the bathroom. he came out with a towel. and handed it to me. i mouthed 'thanks' and started to dry off my face. the towel was soft warm. i didn't know why, but kathryn sounded worried. probably because of the time, i thought.
"veronica?" i heard some people in the backround talking.
"no it's isabelle, my phone died."
oh, so when they were talking to danny the line didn't drop, she ran out of batteries. oh, god, my phone was almost out of batteries also. i hoped it wouldn't go out before i finished the conversation.
"where are you? we've been so worried, i mean, you're gone and stuff..."
"stop talking like that again. i'm fine... i'm... i'm... i'll explain in a sec. i'll come over to the hotel to see you." i had to be dreaming. this couldn't be real. tom, danny, harry, and dougie, were staring at me. "i'll be right over, and i'll explain there."
"you should have a good one." she hung up.
i looked at each one of there faces, mine felt expressionless. i didn't feel expressionless though.
"is this real?" i stood up from the bed and pressed end on my phone.
harry laughed. "uh, yeah, it's real."
"i have to get to my hotel." i found my tote bag on a bedside table and slipped my phone inside. i didn't have a coat scince it was may, and i didn't think i needed one. but now, i was freezing. "uhm," i felt silly asking mcfly for clothes. " can i borrow some, uh, clothes? just a shirt, maybe?" i realized i was shivering and wrapped the towel around me. "dougie, that water was cold!"
dougie and Tom laughed, and I pulled the towel tighter around me. I let out a nervous chuckle.
"clothes?" harry asked danny, tapping him lightly on the arm.
"sure, let me go get a shirt."
"i'll call a cab," tom said and disappeared into another room. danny walked into the same room behind tom. i could see a suitcase from the door.
"so, you're the winner, eh?" dougie stood by the bed where i was laying, and dabbed it with another towel.
"uh, yeah i guess. this isn't a good way to be meeting me though." i smilied wryly, and looked around the room. there were four twin size beds, and the walls were beige. i could hear a tv in the room the danny and tom went into, and i sighed.
"kind of a bland hotel room, i know." harry glanced at my tote bag. "so, where are you staying?"
"at the marriot, it was next to the showroom building you were staging your meet and greet." he noded, and went into the tv room, where tom was, to tell him.
danny came in the room with a smile on his face, and plaid button down in his hands. i smiled at the sight of him. he was holding the shirt by the shoulders so i could see. "this okay?"
"sure." i took it from him gently, and walked carefully towards the bathroom, trying not to make more of a fool of myself then i already had.
i closed the door to the messy bathroom, and and all i coud think was, i'm going on tour with mcfly! i pulled off my sweater, and unbuttoned the shirt. i slipped it on, and looked at myself in the mirror. i could just wear my white tank top under this shrit right? it would look okay. i raked my hair with my fingers, then gave up. i guess it looked okay.
i squealed, smiled at myself, and then went into the other room to go back to mcfly.

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