Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

at school!

please ignore the last slide. it was kinda just-done. we're making magazines in school, and i had to upload a picture so i could get tit from my home computer. whats up?

glee. hm. what's going on? well, puck is mega-hotness, and my friend and i were just fighting over which nerd he would like. haha. were only 12&13. (i'm 13.) lol. yeah, and i'm starting to have a HUGE soft side for qwin, and i think she's awesome. yeah, and i love kurt. idk why everybody thinks finn is cute though, he's but ugly. (: yes he is! comment with your opinions.

so yupp. kati and ronni hasn't been as big of a thing as we would have liked, but i don't think we're going to keep our youtubes. i think we're doing the blogger thing. like, we're going to do the video on our posts.

it feels like forever. i'm in creative writing right now listening to justin timberlake. (: haha it's 1:00 exactly. make a wish! ahh ily guys. (:


p.s. some big polyvore news soon! watch out!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

hey zoe! happy bday! ily, and i hope you enjoy this quick video i made for you! i couldn't use my video camera which had better sound b/c it was charging, and i had to make this quick, but never the less, i did make it. you might want to turn the sound up a little though. haha.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


school's going great guys. i wish i could know how your school life is going. hope it's great! look forward to a lot of video blogs, i'm to busy to type, and uploading is much easier because you don't have to write anything. not that i'm bad at typing, this is just more fun. alsoo.... 

GLEE! did anyone watch? was it amazing? it was amazing. comment what your favorite part was if you watched. mine was when the two main teens kissed. SO cute. and then the car clip! friggin hilairious.


alright, gotta go! (: 


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


just a quick update here you guys, i'm really busy with school & such, so i'll probably only be making a blog once a month or less. just so you know. i haven't been on twitter in a while though, although i just hit 300 tweets. YIPYEAH! lol. anyways, i want you all to join this thing on polyvore called the ultimate polyvore roleplay. (SEE PICTURE; lol.) 

i'll post a blog with the deets, but for now, keep status on my polyvore sets. (: yahootie! 

anyways, since school started i've been really busy. i HATE 7th grade. i'd rather be in 8th or high school... idk why. i also think that our grade is getting shorter and so is the (now) 8th graders. idkk... i'm making pretty much no sense. SO DON'T un-follow me, i'm still here. not dead. 

hahah. lalala. i think i'll go now. you know, homework. (: not that i like it though. i mean, you can't blame me. (: haha byeee...

Friday, August 28, 2009

A LOT has been going on. :(

sorry i haven't posted in FOREVER, i've been so fuckin busy, it's not even funny. and i was grounded a couple days from the computer also... so...

yeah. anyways, if you've seen a very potter musical i want you to comment! lmaoo. lallalalala. also, my boy troubles are all gone, i have a boat party today, i have to get ready for that. i'll post a picture, don't worry...

i have a new polyvore profile! well, i like it, it's pretty radd. (:

i also am in love with summer and i don't want to go to school on the 2nd. GAH! watdoidoooo?? well, i go to school. :( i already went shopping so i guess there's no choice...

i just got a pretty betsey johnson bag thats SO cute...

ALLRIGHTi'mgoing now... check it,


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SO sorry. (60th post!)

sorry, i didn't even tell any of you i was on vacay! i got back on saturday night, but i've been too jet-lagged to come on here. :( sorry!

i'll post pics soon, i promise. as soon as i can. i'm trying to unpack and clean up my room, i also have to get organized for school. but i swear i'll update.

i also have a question. if anyone can answer, please do! 

i'm also having boy troubles right now. idk what do to! if you want to know, comment and i'll tell you.

love you,


Monday, July 27, 2009


so my internet was NOT WORKING yesterday and i admit, i was a little ticked off.

but then, i decided, what the heck. i'm gonna NOT try and get it to work. i'll see if it works tomorrow. and then, IT DOES!

whooppeee, i'm dancing, checking, my full inbox of emails, and then i go on other websites and SPLAT!

my hopes and dreams of a fantastic internet day are killed. only, like, two messages ALTOGETHER. sucky, right?!

so yeah, i'm gonna go, i might post later.

at least i get pancakes. 

-veronica. :(

Saturday, July 25, 2009


haha, nothing's really going on, i just decided to write. (:

lalala. the block party was fun. we used water balloons & stuff. we had chinese food, and it was delicious.

i'm really bored. i watched a cool animation video, check it out;

i also like the new all time low music video. well, it's kinda new. (: i'm still bored. i might watch that wizards episode with the vampires, i started watching it, and then i just lost intrest...

luv ya!


today(: and yesterday.

so yesterday, kathryn, vanessa, and i went on the trail in the woods for a walk. we made a short twilight video and then talked about the book we're planning to write. kathryn hasn't given me the first chapter yet, but that's okay.

today we went to my grandma's grave and put flowers there. it was nice to sit in the sun and talk about her life, without the creepy priest around, and tons of people i don't know. it was just us and our family. 

after that we went to auntie patty's house and outside was their block party getting ready. & we got to pet police horses, which are REALLY soft. then we had mcdonalds and talked about seattle, i made a packing list and watched tv... so yeah. 

now i'm going to my other aunt's block party, and that should be kind of fun... idk. (:


Friday, July 24, 2009

tip # 1. shiny, glossy hair.

i use pantene pro v 2 in 1, shampoo and conditioner. some other really good ones are suave, philosophy, head & shoulders, l'oreal, and bed head. anything you can find at hair stylists. 

when you wash, you want to wash all over your head, and scrub. even wash at your hairline, on the back of your neck, and behind your ears. those are the spots people forget the most. conditioner is optional.

rinse throughly. if you don't, when you come out, your hair won't just be wet, it'll be soapy and gross. and that's what makes your hair dry out.  after you rinse, dry your hair out with a towel. make sure it's completely dry. you can also use a blow dryer, which works best. 

if those tips don't work, then you can always try using shine shampoo & conditioner, or leave in conditioner for extra shine.

good luck!


hey guys. (:

hey. i haven't been on IN FOREVER! but i promise you, i'll be on more. i SWEAR. (: 

i'm going to be posting tips, pictures, MAYBE videos, and more cool stuff like that. maybe even short stories. but i WILL be on more! don't forget to click follow!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

haven't made a frikin blog.

sorry that i haven't made a blog in a long time, there's nothing worth writing down that's been happening in my life. although...
the jonas brothers, ARE coming to alstate... and we ARE getting front row seats!!!!! (well, tics aren't out yet but we WiLL get them.)
lalala. listening to lovebug. i might add some new songs. you will definetly see some more videos and blogs coming soon. and maybe some more stuff too... i'm gonna go, i've gotta write my mcfly blog. (tee hee. *guilty smile.*)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

BLAH! scared you! :D

scince it was so rainy today i made a set for summer to remind me what's coming. :] i CANN0T wait for the jb movie. kathryn's not going with us, though, she has to go to church [her mom's forcing her to go... :-\] but we should still have fun. i can't wait! we're so excited cuz the day we're going they are coming! :D i can't wait!!! okay enough about that; andy is just so cute. (my bffl/bf.) he's just so sweet. :} during gym he kept giving me high fives, and he's emailing me right now. :) i'm ... really happy right now and hungry for pizza! lol, bye guys!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


oh-kay so; ♥ today was pretty much boring, i went to school (kathryn let me borrow her straightener, yayy!) and all that crapp. but yeah, right now me and iss we looking up jb movie times, we found one, and we might meet them! eek! *happy dance.* but yeah. my books are coming along guh-reat. if you want to read them, message me, i might just make a ... set. ;] alrighty then, i'm gonna go and make some mosaics, but i also have to make an advice set!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

blagh ♥

sorry i haven't been on in so long.
not that anyone reads this anyways.
gosh i'm so mad. all of my friends who have joined polyvore wayyy after e get more faves then me, and i joined before them. they are ever wayy more popular too! right now i have 3357. here are some examples:
kathryn - 8444
rena - 5621
i am soooo mad. and this is soo unfair. whatever. i don't even care about faves anymore.

but anyways. i got the fame cd from diamanda, and i've been listening to it. i love it soooo much. but not as much as i love ftsk! ;]

i g2g... mom won't get off the phone. :(

-veronicaa ♥

Sunday, February 15, 2009


haha, i just finished 'P.S. i loathe you.' it was SUPER GOOD!!! yayy!!
alrighty, more icons a-comin!

icon i made for belle;

Saturday, February 14, 2009


sorry i haven't been on in 4ev... here's a vid, and i'll post more after that loads. :D i have kewl new icons too!

Monday, February 9, 2009

GRRR... GRR... GRRR!!!!

augh, i'm tired, mad, and happy at the same time. two word and a colen:
status: taken! i know, i know, andy asked me out. (my crush for a few months.) the problem is, he's my bff and i'm scared. i know, i should want this. but whatevs. i'm not gonna stress about it and be myself.
i'm watching mcfly sing ghostbusters at wembley. it's cute! i love them!
my new obsession: forever the sickest kids

song: hey brittnay- ftsk
mood: funn cuzz i'm now watching mcfly sped up. teehee
my breath still smells like onions from the gigantic burger i had a rascals for kathryn's birthday. it was really fun, i took pics and i'll post them later.
alright, leaving now, i'm bored with this writing stuff. my fingers are so stiff. :{{

Sunday, February 1, 2009

don't talk to me .

god i'm pissed. my family wont talk to me, all of my friends are acting wierd, [saying "blows out 13 candles on whatever", and some of my friends are really concieted, like everyone else i know] i'm just not in a good mood right now and my fam is coming over for the superbowl. it's really sad. and i won't be on tomorrow morning very early either.
mood: pisssed / mad / sad / wierded out
song of the feeling: don't wake me up - mcfly
the only thing i wanna do right now is sleep, and i don't think i can.
not even gonna sign it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

boredd dudes!

i just finished watching the clique movie, and i have to say, it's not that bad.
i'm watchin scrubs on tv right now, i love that show. abc ruined it.
ah, what can you do?
don't worry guys, i'm still writing my mcfly story, but i haven't gotten around to writing a chapter this week. i probably will tomorrow though.
WOO! we won the basketball game today, at my school! it was funn, i'm gunna be a cheerleader next year, def. but yeah, we decorated my friend kevin's locker, [he's on the team] we put "kitty # 11" [his bb number] on it. it was soooooo funny, i doubt he's seen it yet. :D
luvv you guys! have fun doing... whatever!


Sunday, January 25, 2009


now that is what i call hot. ->
anyhow, i don't wanna go to school tomorrow. i don't feel like it. i wish we could get days off if we got like, an A on a test or something, it would make life easier.
but yeah. i'm gonna go ask my dad if i can learn a scale on guitar now, cuz all that tommy emanuel stuff (yes, he's playing it, AGAIN) is making me guitar cra-z.
i know this is a very short entry, but i seriously, am, like, not wanting to be on the computer anymore. scary, right? haha. but yah.
i'm just gunna post this, update my polyvore set, and go. kk? luv you guys,

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


dudes, like nobody's readin these!
alrighty then i'm gunna get this off me cheast.
OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!! i just need to like breathe. it's like, everybody's all girlie girl, idk why, it's making me sick. not fashion, just my friends namely. not like, kylie, or vangie, and definately not emma or lizzie, it's all my otha friends [not vanessa either]. it's wierd, because it's kinda liek i wanna hang out with them, yet, they act like, "OMG!! *squeal.*" it's not anyone in piticular, it's just them.
but yeah, anyways...
i'm happy we got new teams for hockey, (although i was on a team with kathryn, and she came over to me and asked me what team i was on. umm... okay.) it's gunna be better, i think we have some good peeps on our team.
anyways, thanks!
dudes, no joke, the jb christmas song just came on. "girl of my dreams." holy crap!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

video! AT TWiLiGHT::




"hell's not so bad, as long as you have an angel with you."

we went to see twilight (for the third time) with diamanda, and it was soooo fun! we laughed a lot during the movie, and i cried -twice- again. i love that movie! can't wait for it to come out on dvd!
andy might come over later, and we'll play wii again. he came over yesterday, and he got, like, obsessed with the naruto game. *rolls eyes.* he keeps trying to beat the last level, he got so close, and then he died. (if you don't know who andy is, he's my sister and my neighbor and friend.)
anywho, it was fun, and he might come over again today, after he goes to church. he says he sleeps during church, but i don't believe him.
so, kaleb nation is having a contest for the rob pattinson autograph, i want it so bad i've been commenting everyday, and then youtube closes it! STINKIN YOUTUBE! wtf?! it's like, "they'res no possible way for a video to get 75,000 comments." hello? they're giving away rob pattinson autographs? i think that IS humanly possible. *rolls eyes and sticks out tounge at youtube.* oh well, kaleb says there'll be another video up, so whatevs.
i reall do hope that there will be!
i can't wait to show you my picnicing skills. just look at my awesome pic. so, so, awsome.
i am so greatful for all of your faves on polyvore! thanks sooooo much! i'm really not trying to pay that much attention to my faves, although, it would be nice to have some more. but anyways, thanks! i'll talk to you guys later, alright??
luv u!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009


gawd i'm so pissed. and i don't know why.
what does that tell you about me?
anyways, i'm just really bored and such. i don't even really care about school and stuff like that right now. i'm just kinda chill. well, not really cuz i'm p.o.-ed. [?] ^^^ anyways...
i'm going to emma's bday sleepover [! :}] and it's gunna be da bomb. i can't wait! haha! but yeah, i'm excited and a lot of people are going so it's gonna be fun. although it's sad that they don't have their tv in their room anymore. we'll be playing fun stuff like- you know :D- at her party though. it'll be fun. i'm excited. :]
nobody really has sleepovers anymore. *cough cough* julia. we had one over the summer that was fun, athough not AS fun as it used to be. you know what i mean? i guess i'm just being sad that i can'ave have a sleepover at my house. :{ it'd be really fun, although my parents br is RIGHT next to the bathroom. :{
anyways ireally should be writing...

Sunday, January 4, 2009



i love my new icon on polyvore! if you haven't seen it yet, check it out! i think i'm gonna change it to my icon on here too... yeah...
anyways, i'm writing a book with my sister vanessa and it's called Hamton Academy. it's a school for superheroes. if you want a character, comment with your name and power. thankies!
on polyvore, i'm adding rl pictures soon. i'm trying to take as many as i can so i can post them. i want to use some in my sets... and maybe i'll start putting backgrond on there as well... but you don't even know what i'm talking about, so nvrmind.
i've been going back on stardoll and i just redid my page and presentation. i must say, it looks awesome.
gawd, i'm bored right now. my cousin is over and vanessa is playing with her, but it's not that fun for me. agh. i guess i just don't wanna go to school tomorrow.