Wednesday, November 26, 2008

okay, NOW i can just write [look below] ♥

okay, now i can just do another pink paragraph. {~= new topic in pink paragraph}
my font`s gonna stay this way unless i have an important announcement.
it`s just easier for me to be like this.
vanessa`s still watching spongebob christmas special. [unless i didn't mention that before.] it`s the one where sandy`s hibernating. although i don't think that`s very christmas-ey. maybe there`s a spongebob thanksgiving special. i deathly hope not. it`d ber very strange... *shakes thought from head.* ~anywho, sorry for i certain outburst before, i was just pissed that nobody was on and kathryn couldn't tell me how to do it. but still, it`s not working, so i`ll have to wait even longer. [NOTE TO COMMENT ABOUT:WHEN DOES GAHNDI START/END? DID YOU HAVE FUN? WHAT DID YOU THINK ABOUT THE MOVIE?] ~i went to macy*s yesterday and although i did not get anything [clothes, but i did get bath bombs and candy, and i finished my christmas shopping.] it was fun. i did find out a certain fact, that macy*s does have the best hot cocoa in the world. no, the ENTIRE universe. sooooo good. anyways, it was fun, although it was a little hard to eat, my teath are already moving. i got some macy`s pins for you guys too. i hope you like them. and does kathryn or isabelle like ed hardy? i have two extra ed hardy keychains that i don't need. [they were giving them out.] do you want? ~ my mom has to tighten my expander every week now, and it hurts/sucks. do you have to go through this stuff? i think NOT! blugherheim. i hate it. ~what are you guys doing/wearing for thanksgiving? what should i wear? casual/fancy? jeans/courduroys? [idc spelling.] ~kathryn, call me when you're done watching LONG movie. i want to know about saturday sunday as a date to have a band practice. ~okay, pink paragrah over now.

alrighty then, i think i'll just sit tight and go on a set spree on NiCKJ♥S.ME{[HDQ]}
luv ya!


iss said...

sure, ill have a keychain, thxxS! i went 2 katys for the ghani thing, it was good, we had an "intermission" so we played pinball and ate popcorn

BLACKBiRD♥♥ said...

haha yeah it was fun. sure i`ll have a keychain, i ♥ ed hardy. and i told you what to do, but if you wanna give me name & pass i can c if i can do it.