Saturday, September 26, 2009

hey zoe! happy bday! ily, and i hope you enjoy this quick video i made for you! i couldn't use my video camera which had better sound b/c it was charging, and i had to make this quick, but never the less, i did make it. you might want to turn the sound up a little though. haha.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


school's going great guys. i wish i could know how your school life is going. hope it's great! look forward to a lot of video blogs, i'm to busy to type, and uploading is much easier because you don't have to write anything. not that i'm bad at typing, this is just more fun. alsoo.... 

GLEE! did anyone watch? was it amazing? it was amazing. comment what your favorite part was if you watched. mine was when the two main teens kissed. SO cute. and then the car clip! friggin hilairious.


alright, gotta go! (: 


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


just a quick update here you guys, i'm really busy with school & such, so i'll probably only be making a blog once a month or less. just so you know. i haven't been on twitter in a while though, although i just hit 300 tweets. YIPYEAH! lol. anyways, i want you all to join this thing on polyvore called the ultimate polyvore roleplay. (SEE PICTURE; lol.) 

i'll post a blog with the deets, but for now, keep status on my polyvore sets. (: yahootie! 

anyways, since school started i've been really busy. i HATE 7th grade. i'd rather be in 8th or high school... idk why. i also think that our grade is getting shorter and so is the (now) 8th graders. idkk... i'm making pretty much no sense. SO DON'T un-follow me, i'm still here. not dead. 

hahah. lalala. i think i'll go now. you know, homework. (: not that i like it though. i mean, you can't blame me. (: haha byeee...