Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LOL, blah ♥♥

okay so today at play practice,
1.] paul had a steak and was trying to stab me - i`m a vampire
2.] jake had his gun and he was like, "you shoot it at the deer, then it bounces off of them, and they're like, 'AH' and then they run away."
3.] nick was like, "veronica you look totes sexy in that dress," in his girly voice
4.] mrs. habes was all like, "NOBODY iS HERE! AHHH!"
5.] and marco took off his shirt.
so i think it was a pretty eventful play practice. i got all of my lines right, so i'm pretty sure i won't mess up.
anyways, today at school it was soooooo boring.
in reading and language we did MORE research about our topics, then I had to work with ZACH G! ew, ew, ew!
the only upside was that we had no math homework. or soc, but i mean, we NEVER have social studies homework.

okay, i think i'll leave now.
-veronica the harmonicanian, shug.

p.s. here's a quiz that kathryn took.
miley, taylor, hayley, jess OR lisa, or selena?
Taylor Swift-
[♥] your favorite color is white [one of them]
[] you own boots above your ankles
[] you have brown hair but dye it blonde
[] you have blue eyes
[] you like country music
[♥] you have curly hair
total =2
Miley Cyrus-
[♥] you have brown hair
[♥] you have brown eyes
[] you like pop music
[] you like a boy older than you
[♥] you love designer clothes
[] you watch Hannah Montana
[♥] your favorite color is pink [one of them]
[♥] you like cheerleading
[♥] you have long straightish wavy hair
total = 5
The Veronicas (Jess & Lisa)-
[] you have black hair
[♥] your favorite color is black [one of them]
[♥] you have dark eyes
[♥] you like leather boots
[♥] you like red lipstick
[] you have blunt bangs
[♥] you have a twin
[♥] you like rock music
[♥] you like clothes that stand out
Paramore (Hayley)-
[] you have/had your hair dyed
[♥] you have choppy hair [layered/choppy; i have some short clumps in the back.]
[♥] you love skinny jeans
[♥] you wear converse, flats or creepers.
[♥] you like topshop
[] you have green eyes
[] you like to change your hairstyle often
[♥] your favorite color is red [one of them]
total =5
Selena Gomez-
[] you have black hair
[] your hair is straight
[♥] your favorite color is blue [one of them]
[♥] you like bright colors
[♥] you own a peace sign scarf
[♥] you have a sidebang
[♥] you have red converse [black && red]
[♥] you are of mexican or italian decent
[♥] you find Nick Jonas very attractive
[♥] you like acting
[♥] you have a individual style all your own
[i am selena gomez! kinda surprising i wasn't the veronica's. ;]]

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