Friday, November 28, 2008

lol, mcfly!

okay, i have to start this one off with a pink paragraph[s] story. [inspired by my dream from last night.]
i was on vacation in new york with my twin, vanessa, isabelle, and kathryn. i was next door to our hotel, so i didn't have to walk that far. we had to go to new york because mcfly was going to do a meet and greet there. i knew i could go to a meet&greet at one of their concert, but oh well. the one ticket email was sent to me, and i knew i was going to meet danny jones.
i also knew the announcement was sent to TONS of people. but it didn't look like that much from the ouside of the building i just entered. i went up to the front dest where a woman was sitting. she was staring at a computer, chewing gum, and i didn't want to disturb her.
all she said was, "may i see your ticket please?" i showed it to her and she looked back to the computer and pointed at a door with a "mcfly" sign on it. i squealed, and she rolled her eyes like she was sick of that.
i jogged up to the door, and opened it. there was a long line, and i thought i could see a table. on either side of the table were body guards. ohmygod, i thought.

i stood in the line, and after playing a few games on my cell phone- oh. i haven't introduced myself. i'm veronica kellers, and i'm 20.
i have a twin sister, and as you know, we're on a vacation to new york with some of my friends. so, back to the story. i go to north western college with isabelle and kathryn, and we just finished. we each started early in our senior year.
my cell phone rang, and i answered it. "do ya" was my ringtone.
"hello?" i always ask that question in a who could be calling way.
"hey verz, it's isabelle. did you meet them yet? are you talking to them RIGHT NOW? can i talk?"
"no, iz, i'm still waiting."
"oh." i giggled. "well, leave me on speaker so i can talk to them when you DO meet them."
"it's just danny."
"oh." i giggled again. "well, do it anyways. danny's cool. not as cool as harry though."
i sighed. " you sure do love drummers."
"joe jonas isn't a drummer."
"well, still."
i put my phone in my wetseal tote bag, and just waited. the line was getting smaller in front of me, i could see the table more clearly now. after a few minutes i was next in line.
i fluffed my hair, and then the girl in front of me moved towards another door.
as soon as danny saw me, he smiled.
"well, hello. i'm danny jones. and you are?" it was the sexy smooth irish/british voice i loved.
"i'm veronica kellings, and i-" i stopped myself. i didn't want to seem like i was 11 again. it would be silly.
i breathed. nice going. now he's gonna think you're a stalker fan.
i heard my friends giggle, and danny laughed. "aw, i've been hearing girls say that all night! who's on your phone?"
"my friends, they wanted to talk to you."
"ah. well, lemme talk then." he smiled.
i heard a squeal i thought came from isabelle. i pulled out my phone and handed it to him.
i heard a gaggle of voices, a thud! and then the line dropped.
"hello? aw, the line dropped." he handed me back my iphone, and i put it ini my bag. i didn't think to bring anything for him to sign, the only thing i had to write with was a croyola marker-black.
i handed it to him. "this okay?" i smiled and blushed. on the outside i was cool and serene, [somewhat] but on the inside i was jumping up and down.
"sure." he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. my heart skipped a beat as he signed my cheek. then, he turned my face and kissed my other cheek. my heart skipped two beats.
when i pulled back, he whispered, "i hope you win."
"you'll see." girls behind be must have seen the exchange because they gasped and one of them said, "oh!"
i smiled, and he motioned for me to move into the next room.
i walked into an auditorium semi-big. so THiS was where the big prize was going to be announced.
i didn't know what it was, but i sat down and got out my compact mirror. i stared at the place where he signed my cheek and smiled. college was nothing compared to this.
of course, i was excited. maybe i'd win. but win what? this was just some stupid prize, probably RADIO:active deluxe which i already owned. UGH. i sighed. if only i had been recording when i'd met him. then i'd have something to show. i wouldn't win this contest anyways. with my luck, it would be the CD.
then, after staring and daydreaming (for about, i dunno, a half-an-hour? yeah, i'm a dutz. it a surprise i even passed college.) finally the auditorium got a little dimmer.

the girls who were sitting next to me must have been standing behind me in the line, because they were saying, "did you SEE the girl who he kissed? he didn't kiss me! no WONDER he broke up with olivia shaw, he's probably dating that girl."
the other one said, "yeah, no wonder."
they were both wearing, we love danny shirts that they made themselves, which was a clear sign they were jealous.
i smiled and said to them, "so, what do you think the prize is?" i put the compact in my tote before they could see it.
they looked at me and then, they were shocked. it looked like they'd seen a ghost.
i smiled and focoused my attention on the stage where mcfly's manager was standing with a sheet of paper.
he started speaking, [i couldn't remember his name- darnet!] "hello, i'm mcfly's manager, as you all know me, and i'm here to tell you who won the amazing prize of," a drumroll from behind the cutain. jitters in my stomach. i could recognise those drums ANYWHERE. mcfly was on the stage. "- one lucky girl and her friends going on tour in america with mcfly!" jitters from the audience. a couple girls screamed.
i wasn't one of them. i was to shell-shocked.
"the winner is... number 3658914!"
i looked at my ticket and saw that no one was getting up. i glanced at the numbers and- ohmygawd.
before i knew it i was running up the stairs, and mcfly's manager was shaking my hand. at least he was shaking it, he couldn'y realize i was shaking.
i told him my name, he announced it to the crowd, and the cutains opened.
"stay right here." the manager jogged off stage and mcfly was standing behind me.
the reason i knew was because i smelleda certain smell. then i heard the beginning of "do ya."
somebody hugged me, (that smell again) and then,
everything went black.
the last thing i thought was, i have to call the girls.
so do you like it? i do! omg, that took me forever. *sigh.* if only it could happen. the reason i made us so older was because i wouldn't want somebody ten years older kissing me. unless is was mcfly. i just thought in case, it would be safer to make us older.

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