Sunday, November 9, 2008

bored topics

hey guys... ♥♥
it's me.
well, duh.
anyways, today i went to the mall and got a twilight tee. it's so totally awsome. my mom wouldn't buy anything else for me so she's just going to get it for me for christmas. :( but at least i'm getting some pink skinnies out of it! ;]
i can't wait until we get to go to macy*s over thanksgiving break. it's gonna be the bomb!
also, check out supermac's new vids. i'm sure i wouldn't be the first to tell you; he looks smokin' without his braces. ow! ;]
i can't find scilence is a scary sound anywhere! [by mcfly.] i'm sooooo pizzed! if anybody has a download link, please tell me!
just to make sure, both katy and isabelle are coming? my mom is gonna by the tics, like, tomorrow, so tell me.
btw, this week is going to be very suck-ish. on wednesday i'm getting my braces, and that's sucky!
also, i got a memory card for my camera, and i'll be making vlog or two soon.
LUV Y0U! [and thanks for all of the faves and blah on pv,]


iss said...

yeah im commin, and i cant wait!!!!

BLACKBiRD♥♥ said...

yeah, i`m coming. and i know why you can`t find silence is a scary sound! CUZ THERE`S NO "C" AFTER THE S!! :)


no. ugh. i can't find a link to download it! i just tripped up the spelling. oops. :P