Saturday, November 15, 2008

owch headache.

i'm just gonna do a *pink paragraphs* for this blog, okay?
hey guys, i'm so frickin bored right now, it's sick. i know, i know, i'm writing to you, so it's not REALLY considered BORiNG. but it is.
anyways, i'll have to fill you in on what's happening. as i said earlier in the week, i look VERY ugly with braces. i'm so sad. but, they will look better as time goes by so...
my dad came across a band called tegan and sarah, and they're really good. check them out. idk which one's which, but my dad thinks they're not related. ?!?! that's bull. they are SO twins. ;] but yeah.
today i went to the german market thing for girl scouts, and it was actually pretty cool. i didn't get anything, but it was fun. i did convince my mom that i had bought her something though. tee hee. we had subway for lunch, [yum!] and i was hoping we'd have mcdonalds, but you know, too fattening. luckily though, vangie, and olivia weren't there. [i mean, i like vangie, but she and vanessa can get PRETTY annoying sometimes. about manga. but don't think vanessa wasn't annoying enough.] lauren didn't go, and i was sad about that, cuz lauren's my gs bud, and we party like rockstars. [and have rockin' parties together, katy.] they had really cool stuff there, and they even had sauerkraut. ew. let me just say that it tastes like the aftertaste of throw-up. blugh. blugh-udy-boo.
also, we have to memorize our lines by monday for the play which is pretty darn easy.
and: i have acomplaint. shouldn't charlotte be with the female hillbillies? she;s just as an important character then them. [no offense, but it's true.]
anywho, i think ill sign off.


BLACKBiRD♥♥ said...

you did SO not write that. you haven't written a piece of poetry in your life, doofus.

BLACKBiRD♥♥ said...

anywayz. lyk, if you don't follow me, i`m unfollowing y`all.