Sunday, November 23, 2008

lalala, hsm3&twilight

omg, twilight was so good!
i liked edward so much in it, that i cried.
i know, so lame.
anyways, hsm 3 was good too. the best one!
that's why i didn't update in a while. been busy.
so anyways... i'm bored right now, but i'm
waiting for KATHRYN TO CALL ME!
polyvre is being really stupid,
now i can only go on it on safari, and it's really annoying
when you have two internet tabs open.
but not when you're clipping stuff.
oh yeah, i also finished new moon, and i'm onto
eclipse. new moon was wierd.
but i still can't wait for the movie.
also, go to this site:

i saw a movie poster at the theater when i went to see twilight.
it's pretty cool; i wanna see it.

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iss said...

twilight was awesome :)