Friday, August 28, 2009

A LOT has been going on. :(

sorry i haven't posted in FOREVER, i've been so fuckin busy, it's not even funny. and i was grounded a couple days from the computer also... so...

yeah. anyways, if you've seen a very potter musical i want you to comment! lmaoo. lallalalala. also, my boy troubles are all gone, i have a boat party today, i have to get ready for that. i'll post a picture, don't worry...

i have a new polyvore profile! well, i like it, it's pretty radd. (:

i also am in love with summer and i don't want to go to school on the 2nd. GAH! watdoidoooo?? well, i go to school. :( i already went shopping so i guess there's no choice...

i just got a pretty betsey johnson bag thats SO cute...

ALLRIGHTi'mgoing now... check it,


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SO sorry. (60th post!)

sorry, i didn't even tell any of you i was on vacay! i got back on saturday night, but i've been too jet-lagged to come on here. :( sorry!

i'll post pics soon, i promise. as soon as i can. i'm trying to unpack and clean up my room, i also have to get organized for school. but i swear i'll update.

i also have a question. if anyone can answer, please do! 

i'm also having boy troubles right now. idk what do to! if you want to know, comment and i'll tell you.

love you,