Saturday, July 25, 2009

today(: and yesterday.

so yesterday, kathryn, vanessa, and i went on the trail in the woods for a walk. we made a short twilight video and then talked about the book we're planning to write. kathryn hasn't given me the first chapter yet, but that's okay.

today we went to my grandma's grave and put flowers there. it was nice to sit in the sun and talk about her life, without the creepy priest around, and tons of people i don't know. it was just us and our family. 

after that we went to auntie patty's house and outside was their block party getting ready. & we got to pet police horses, which are REALLY soft. then we had mcdonalds and talked about seattle, i made a packing list and watched tv... so yeah. 

now i'm going to my other aunt's block party, and that should be kind of fun... idk. (:


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