Friday, January 9, 2009


gawd i'm so pissed. and i don't know why.
what does that tell you about me?
anyways, i'm just really bored and such. i don't even really care about school and stuff like that right now. i'm just kinda chill. well, not really cuz i'm p.o.-ed. [?] ^^^ anyways...
i'm going to emma's bday sleepover [! :}] and it's gunna be da bomb. i can't wait! haha! but yeah, i'm excited and a lot of people are going so it's gonna be fun. although it's sad that they don't have their tv in their room anymore. we'll be playing fun stuff like- you know :D- at her party though. it'll be fun. i'm excited. :]
nobody really has sleepovers anymore. *cough cough* julia. we had one over the summer that was fun, athough not AS fun as it used to be. you know what i mean? i guess i'm just being sad that i can'ave have a sleepover at my house. :{ it'd be really fun, although my parents br is RIGHT next to the bathroom. :{
anyways ireally should be writing...

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