Tuesday, September 8, 2009


just a quick update here you guys, i'm really busy with school & such, so i'll probably only be making a blog once a month or less. just so you know. i haven't been on twitter in a while though, although i just hit 300 tweets. YIPYEAH! lol. anyways, i want you all to join this thing on polyvore called the ultimate polyvore roleplay. (SEE PICTURE; lol.) 

i'll post a blog with the deets, but for now, keep status on my polyvore sets. (: yahootie! 

anyways, since school started i've been really busy. i HATE 7th grade. i'd rather be in 8th or high school... idk why. i also think that our grade is getting shorter and so is the (now) 8th graders. idkk... i'm making pretty much no sense. SO DON'T un-follow me, i'm still here. not dead. 

hahah. lalala. i think i'll go now. you know, homework. (: not that i like it though. i mean, you can't blame me. (: haha byeee...

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