Wednesday, January 21, 2009


dudes, like nobody's readin these!
alrighty then i'm gunna get this off me cheast.
OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!! i just need to like breathe. it's like, everybody's all girlie girl, idk why, it's making me sick. not fashion, just my friends namely. not like, kylie, or vangie, and definately not emma or lizzie, it's all my otha friends [not vanessa either]. it's wierd, because it's kinda liek i wanna hang out with them, yet, they act like, "OMG!! *squeal.*" it's not anyone in piticular, it's just them.
but yeah, anyways...
i'm happy we got new teams for hockey, (although i was on a team with kathryn, and she came over to me and asked me what team i was on. umm... okay.) it's gunna be better, i think we have some good peeps on our team.
anyways, thanks!
dudes, no joke, the jb christmas song just came on. "girl of my dreams." holy crap!

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