Monday, February 9, 2009

GRRR... GRR... GRRR!!!!

augh, i'm tired, mad, and happy at the same time. two word and a colen:
status: taken! i know, i know, andy asked me out. (my crush for a few months.) the problem is, he's my bff and i'm scared. i know, i should want this. but whatevs. i'm not gonna stress about it and be myself.
i'm watching mcfly sing ghostbusters at wembley. it's cute! i love them!
my new obsession: forever the sickest kids

song: hey brittnay- ftsk
mood: funn cuzz i'm now watching mcfly sped up. teehee
my breath still smells like onions from the gigantic burger i had a rascals for kathryn's birthday. it was really fun, i took pics and i'll post them later.
alright, leaving now, i'm bored with this writing stuff. my fingers are so stiff. :{{

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