Tuesday, January 27, 2009

boredd dudes!

i just finished watching the clique movie, and i have to say, it's not that bad.
i'm watchin scrubs on tv right now, i love that show. abc ruined it.
ah, what can you do?
don't worry guys, i'm still writing my mcfly story, but i haven't gotten around to writing a chapter this week. i probably will tomorrow though.
WOO! we won the basketball game today, at my school! it was funn, i'm gunna be a cheerleader next year, def. but yeah, we decorated my friend kevin's locker, [he's on the team] we put "kitty # 11" [his bb number] on it. it was soooooo funny, i doubt he's seen it yet. :D
luvv you guys! have fun doing... whatever!


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iss said...

supp? got internet back..... FINALLY! yeah the bball game wass funn