Tuesday, February 24, 2009

blagh ♥

sorry i haven't been on in so long.
not that anyone reads this anyways.
gosh i'm so mad. all of my friends who have joined polyvore wayyy after e get more faves then me, and i joined before them. they are ever wayy more popular too! right now i have 3357. here are some examples:
kathryn - 8444
rena - 5621
i am soooo mad. and this is soo unfair. whatever. i don't even care about faves anymore.

but anyways. i got the fame cd from diamanda, and i've been listening to it. i love it soooo much. but not as much as i love ftsk! ;]

i g2g... mom won't get off the phone. :(

-veronicaa ♥

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