Friday, December 19, 2008

snow day ♥

snow day, snow day, i hope we have a snow day... oh wait! we do!
haha, silly me! omg, this is sooooooo cool!
i've NEVER EVER EVER had a snow day in my life!!
really cool. so anyways, i'm at home right now sitting in my twilight shirt and leggings...
so today was akward, kinda/sorta. my dad woke me and vans up, and we didn't believe that there was a snow day. he was like, "uh... yeah! look," he points to his watch. "it's 7:36!" so then we had to believe him.
but he went to his work's holiday party today so he's not home which i guess is a good thing because andy came over and something happened. {not like that...}
but first i'll tell you what we did to lead up to that.
okay, so we got up and had pancakes, and then we put on clothes and went outside. poor andy was outside starting to shovel the snow by himself. haha!
anyways, we walked over to there house and he said we could help, {yah, he gave us permission, *rolls eyes*} and i got our shovel and she got their extra shovel. i did my section in about 5 minutes when mr and mrs slowpokes were still working on theirs. well, that's because vanessa was telling andy about the percy jackson thingy. but anyways, we finished and went over to our house. we played pajama sam for a little bit, and had some soda and popcorn. then vanessa and andy were playing with the ball that was downstairs and i was commenting on their game with the microphone. then, andy hit the ball over by the table, where my mom apperantly had some wine in gift bags, and a bottle crashed to the ground. oops! :o but yeah. my mom was pissed. big time. not at andy though. we didn't say it was anybody's fault. so he went home because his dad said they were gonna go to the petstore, {he's getting a lizard soon} and we had some lunch. and now i'm on the computer.
that was a long story. *wrings hands.* i think i'll write some more on my spies story. and then some later on my mcfly story. {hey isabelle, you now that you and harry have the same bdays?}

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