Saturday, December 6, 2008

hey guys... oops!

sorry i haven't posted in a while, i've been really busy.
sheesh, i wonder what it's gunna be like when we go to high school?
anyways, i'm just gonna update on what happened this week, and then i'll probably post tomorrow and stuff too.
okay, so somebody broke into our school over break, but it's okay cause they know who it was and got the stuff back.
also, the play was awesome! we DID nail it.
it was fun and i'm sad it's over, but we stil have next year and also the musical if it happens.
the perfect twins came, and they were all like, "i know i wasn't fun without us."
lol, they're funny. we told them how ms. habes was, even thought they didn't really care.
OMG i should have told them that she was preggy! omg, then they would have been freaked.
lol. anywho, lauren h and mary h were there too, and they look the same, but it was nice to see them. :>
anyways, the rest of the week mostly sucked, up until vanessa had to tell me that wretched thing, which made the week even more suckier. :<
but anyways, we went to the barnes and noble band thingy yesterday and most of the teachers from the elementary school were there. that was fun.
i got the second posuer book, and andy's dad was all like, "that's your autobiography isn't it?" it was wierd, but funny. andy and me were in the starbucks line with dd, and andy picked up a rachel ray cookbook and he's like, "omg, we should ge this for nick!" we cracked up, and we told his mom to make him get a "trim" so, fingers crossed!
i'm gonna go write a chapter for all ya'lls who want one.
luv you!

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BLACKBiRD♥♥ said...

i was in the starbucks line 2, idiot. ;]]