Monday, December 22, 2008

addingS0MEn e wS0NGS♥

hey guys, i'm trying out a new layout, whaddya think?
anways, i've been meaning to add some new fall out boy songs, and i think i'll add some beyonce ones too. but if you have a request, i'd be happy to make it. and i'm letting people borrow my cds, so if you want to borrow fob to download or whatev, lmk.
girlies! you haven't been reading! even taylor reads my blog! you guys are just being plain mean. haha, jk. i'm just lonely it feels like i'm talking to myself.
the song; i hate this part by the pussycat dolls is like me& nick's theme song. i know, lame-o right? but it's true. you would know what i mean if you were me.
i'm so bored. i know you're bored with me.
i should leave.
but first, i'll mention that i am reading breaking dawn, and my dad says i shouldn't be, if you know what i mean.
cool image from the 'how i met your mother' cast. they're supposed to be the jonas brothers. yes, all five of the main characters are in the pic. it's above.
but yeah, that's about it.
also, the feather thingy confuzzled me. i don get it. ISABELLE! EXPLAIN ON PMAIL!
luv you chicas!

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iss said...

hey, supp, and wha feather thing