Thursday, December 11, 2008

don't worry, be happy [kinda]

yeesh my throat hurts! oww!
my mom is at borders, so it's just me and the doggies :}
anywho, i just wanted to say that i will be at school tomorrow,
and i luv youus! do you think i should make a polyvore club on stardoll?
i really don't want to drop the website cuz i heart it!
what do you think?
p.s. call me if you really want to later, and i'm gonna go watch t.v!
p.p.s. zoe said that we're too young to be saying swear words and stuff,
and watching wierd mcfly vids i'm like, WTF? that must be why she don't like me anymore.
ive been replaced. :{ tell me what you thinks down in the comment box.


BLACKBiRD♥♥ said...

1.] wow, zoe. you`re sooooooooo cool. *rolls eyes at z*
2.] i hope your throat feels better by tmrw, because i really wanna work on the project.
3.] i had something else to say but i forgot.
luvs yoohs! ♥

iss said...

hope ya feel better, i bet evryone 11 year old i know swaers by now,

feel better!