Wednesday, October 29, 2008

stories are boring.

hey ya'll.
really bored right now. watching pushing daisies. it's like, the best show ever!
lol. my stupid thingy still isn't fixed. i keep asking lauren, but she won't answer me.
i know i'm being annoying. but when it's done, it'll be awsome!
yes! so update time!!
story of the dayy!::
JAKEE... an eighth grader at my school.
i'm in the play, and so is he. i'm in 6th grade,
and i have a twin. he has a crush on my twin sis, okay?
i asked her if she liked him, because he likes her and was going to ask her out.
she said no. i asked, "why?" her response?
she thwacked me in the head with her lunchbox, [a thermos present]
and i blacked out for about... two seconds.
so my high point of the day?
*rolls eyes.*
anywho, right now, i'm waiting for happy days to come on.
*hums happy days theme.*
and i also might have some vids up soon!
[i'm getting a new camera.]

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